Vases, and Tazze, and Figures! Oh My!

Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy building new online volumes from some of our previous digitisation work and today we’re releasing them into the wild. You can now find five fully-digitised ornaments books in our online catalogue – that’s 1,395 numbered designs on 1,192 flippable pages… if we’ve done our sums correctly!

This time last year our project conservator Jess Hyslop was working to make a selection of fragile ornament books available for public consultation once again. As with the Early Pattern Books – the subjects of our first online volume trials – each volume was disbound during this process, giving us an unmissable opportunity to fully digitise their contents. Now we’ve been using that data to create digital versions to share with you.

Below you can find links to the five volumes available to browse online as well as a quick peak at Ornaments Book SD 1705/MS1591. In this particular instance we’ve opened it at design number 605, a “Custard Stand” which formed part of the dessert service purchased by Queen Victoria during a preview of The Great Exhibition in 1851. There are gems like this dotted throughout the five volumes and we’d encourage you to dive in and explore for yourselves. Over a thousand pages of designs should keep you good for a little while… right?!

SD 1705/MS1583
Ornament and Shape Book: Vases, Bottles, etc.

SD 1705/MS1585
Ornaments Book: Vases, Tasseux, Candlesticks etc.

SD 1705/MS1587
Ornaments Book: Figures

SD 1705/MS1588
Ornaments Book: Figures

SD 1705/MS1591
Ornaments Book: Vases, Trays, Baskets, Tazze, etc

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