There’s Gold in Them Thar Pattern Books

As part of a recent Minton research enquiry we’ve been searching through a number of “G” and “H” pattern books – the go-to source for the company’s richly decorated china tableware patterns – to photograph raised gold patterns.

Raised gold patterns are exactly that – physically raised designs which imitate the relief decoration which Minton’s highly skilled gilders would have added to the company’s finest china tableware. The excellent Potbank Dictionary describes the raised paste and raised gold processes of decoration as they would have been applied in a ceramic context but we’re not exactly sure how this effect was replicated so well in the pattern book.

Having successfully photographed a sample of these patterns for the enquiry we decided to move the camera closer and focus on the three-dimensional details found in these beautiful designs. The gallery below contains close-ups of a selection of raised gold patterns from SD 1705/MS2164, a “H” pattern book from the early 1900s – enjoy!