The Hizen Vase, Part 3: It Exists!

Back in July we published a two-part series of blog posts on the discovery and the contents of a folio labelled “Hizen Vase”. We pieced as much of the puzzle back together as we could – quite literally in the case of the overlapping illustrations! – but we weren’t able to find out if the vase ever entered production. Imagine our excitement, then, when we received information and photographs confirming that a production Hizen Vase really does exist!

hizen-vase_piecehizen-vase_pedestalThe final piece looks even more stunning than the illustrations suggested and it’s fascinating to see the extra background designs which weren’t included in the original folio, as well as the use of yellow which matches up with the border artwork. It looks like we also need to keep our eyes peeled for some matching pedestal artwork too…

Our thanks go to Nicolaus Boston for making the connection between the Hizen Vase artwork and the piece itself and enabling us to bring the two together here on the blog – what a great mystery to be able to solve. Thanks also to the Michael and Margie Loeb Collection for their kind permission to reproduce the photographs.