The Dizzy Heights of the Minton Archive

If all the Minton company pattern books were stacked on top of each other, how tall would the resulting tower be? It’s a slightly odd question admittedly – and not an exercise we’ll be trying out for real! – but by measuring the space these volumes occupy we can create a virtual tower of pattern books… and of the other major elements which make up the Minton portion of The Minton Archive as well.

Thanks to detailed records within the Minton company catalogue we can also give these heights some context. How many Minton Peacocks (like the one on display at The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery) high are the Art and Design folios, for example? How do the pattern books stack up against a Minton fountain? And are any of our virtual towers taller than a Minton Patent Oven? Let’s find out…

Click image for a larger version

minton-stack-vis_100m_thumbIf the height of a Minton Patent Oven is something you’d struggle to picture in your mind’s eye (don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you!) we can place the individual elements into a single tower and find out how it “stacks up” against more well-known landmarks too. At 80.45 metres this rather precarious arrangement of pattern books, volumes, folios and archive boxes would dwarf Nelson’s Column (52m) and would extend way beyond the clock face of Big Ben, finishing just 16 metres short of the iconic tower’s full height of 96 metres.