The Diary of Miss Louisa Jessie Campbell

Our tweets from Louisa are sadly drawing to a close as the remaining extracts getting a lot more sporadic from here on in. But what about Mr. Cotton? And what if you have no idea who he is or what we’re talking about?!

Our series of “on this day” tweets from Louisa Jessie Campbell, daughter of Colin Minton Campbell, have been pinging out since January 1st this year and, whilst non-Twitterers could keep up-to-date via our RSS tweet-feed, we’ve always tried to make sure those of you who aren’t following us on social media are kept fully in the loop. With that in mind we’ve created the interactive timeline below which lets you browse all of Louisa’s tweets/diary entries in one place… and with some snazzy visuals to boot! And our Twitter followers? If you’ve been waiting for some Campbell-Cotton closure (and have been hoping for the best) then we won’t hold it against you – just skip to the end!

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Whether you’ve been following each tweet or have just scrolled through the timeline we hope you’ve enjoyed these little insights into Louisa Jessie’s world… we’re a little sad we’ve reached the end, truth be told! If you’d like to see the document from which all these diary extracts were taken – there are plenty we couldn’t feature in order to keep things (relatively!) concise – we’ve just added it to SD 1705/MS2524 as a fully browseable item.

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