The Democratic Dish – Exhibition Views

It’s been just over a month since The Democratic Dish: Mintons Secessionist Ware exhibition closed and the four items on display from the Minton Archive made their way back home, but courtesy of Chelsea Space we have some wonderful images of the installation to share with you.

The light levels required for the safe display of our archive documents necessitated their placement in the gallery’s lower space, making them some of the first items seen by visitors to the exhibition – an unexpected bonus for us! Our largest loan item, a Photographs Book featuring hand-coloured Secessionist designs (SD 1705/MS1608), was displayed in the centre of the space whilst the two Wadsworth sketch books (SD 1705/MS4287, MS4288) and the Secessionist Ware booklet (SD 1705/MS1361) were placed into cases on the space’s perimeter. In the images you can also see some of the many framed reproductions of original drawings from our Art & Design folios.

These reproductions spilled out of the lower space and flowed up the ramp leading to the upper space – those on the ramp itself are predominantly from folio SD 1705/MS1866, with examples from SD 1705/MS1929 being used in the lower space and, most dramatically, in the floor-to-ceiling reproduction found on the wall on entering the upper space. We were excited to see how this would turn out and we think you’ll agree the result looks fantastic!

In the upper space page-by-page reproductions from the Secessionist Ware booklet (SD 1705/MS1361) were hung above a selection of pieces from the Alessandra and Simon Wilson Collection; if you’re particularly eagle-eyed (or have browsed the booklet online) you may have already spotted the reason behind this grouping.

A single line of plates – the subject of our featured image at the head of this post – led exhibition-goers to what was undeniably the highlight of the exhibition (don’t worry archive items; we still love you very much!). This beautifully-presented display of Secessionist Ware, again from the Alessandra and Simon Wilson Collection, included a fantastic array of vases, pedestals, candlesticks, jardinières and other utilitarian pieces.

Our thanks go to Chelsea Space for sharing these images with us and for letting us share them with you too – we hope you enjoyed seeing our archive items out and about, especially in such exquisite company!

All images in this post © Chelsea Space.