Anniversary Update: 531 Tile Designs

On the 25th September 2015 we officially launched the Minton Archive website with a little over 25 digital records, a handful of images, and a smattering of words on the blog… and now the whole kit and caboodle is six years old! As is now customary we’re celebrating this happy occasion with a special catalogue update, which means from today you can now virtually flick through a volume of tile designs that has been hiding in plain sight until very recently…

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Catalogue Updates: Highlights & Images

It’s been over 18 months since our last catalogue update but today we’re announcing a bumper upload of tweaks, changes, and additions that should hopefully go some way towards getting us back on track after so much general upheaval. Over 100 records have been updated and a whopping 487 images have been added to the online catalogue, most of these within the Art & Design section. In fact, barring a few outliers, we now have representative images for all the records within the Art & Design’s “Lettered Sequence” which stretches from MS1651 all the way to MS1806 (and we’ve already started on “Ornamental Ware”, which will take us up to MS1913!). This influx of artwork imagery means we’re also in the process of changing what’s found under the Artwork themed search – with more and more representative images being made available in the Art & Design section we think it’s time to pare this themed search back to a smaller number of highlights that pick out the very best of the Archive’s artwork. Lastly, we’ve just added a new page to the site, The Catalogue, which explains how to navigate and search the online catalogue. It’s something we’ve covered on the blog multiple times as the site has grown but we thought it would be good to have all the information available in one place. It’ll be linked to in both menus, and on the Explore page too.

We hope you enjoy this latest update – here’s to the next one not taking quite as long to appear!

Sèvres, Dresden, and Berlin

During our most recent deep dive into the Archive’s Art & Design section we also, as much as possible, continued to digitise items from that part of the collection as well (a nod to a future catalogue update if ever you’ve seen one!). Along the way Folio Frivolity showed us that these bundles of artworks, designs, and reference materials sometimes turned out to be volumes instead, including a small collection of books between SD 1705/MS1776 and MS1782…

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Catalogue Updates: Interactive Tweaks

Our first catalogue update of 2020 comes in the form of some upgrades to the applications behind our “Interactive” tab, making them more fluid and easier to use. We’ve tweaked the look and feel of our Book Reader – which powers the browsable volumes of our Page by Page themed search – and simplified the switch from embedded to fullscreen mode. We’ve also added a fullscreen mode to our zoomable viewer so you can now fully immerse yourself in the wonderful designs of the Dresser Folio (and, hopefully, others in the future!) straight from the record view.

Catalogue Updates: Popular Pattern Names and Numbers

We’ve just updated the online catalogue to add the 327 “Popular pattern names and numbers” listed in Joan Jones’ excellent “Minton: The First Two Hundred Years of Design and Production” to their respective pattern book records. This means searches for Minton’s best known patterns will now return the document reference numbers for the pattern books in which they can be found – for example, when searching for either “Haddon Hall” or its pattern number “B1451” a link to Pattern Book B1400 – B1469 (SD 1705/MS2067) will now appear in the search results.

Anniversary Update: The Dresser Folio

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the Minton Archive website’s launch, which means it’s time for an extra-special catalogue update. Previously we’ve celebrated the occasion by crossing the 1000 image threshold, by making some early volumes available online, and by digitising a number of Wadsworth sketchbooks for a special exhibition. This year we’re making sure our long-running “Truth, Beauty, Power” series goes out with a bang!

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Catalogue Updates: Highlights & Images

Our latest catalogue update refreshes 48 records and adds 90 new images – amongst them the Patent Oven plans and sketches we included in our Potteries Bottle Oven Day post – to the online catalogue. Three years ago we celebrated the site’s first anniversary with a 1000 image update and now thanks to these latest additions we’re comfortably past the 2000 image mark – woo! Makes you wonder what this year’s anniversary update might be about though, eh? 😉

Catalogue Updates: Highlights & Images

Our first catalogue update of 2019 has just gone live, a result of our continuing digitisation work within the Archive’s Art & Design folios. As such you’ll find a whopping 264 new images spread over 37 updated records, bringing the total number of highlighted records across our themed searches to 278. You can use the Artwork theme to quickly corral all of our digitised folio content together, including this latest batch… and for future updates too!