Some Particularly Useful Records

Our latest update contains some reference documents, including identification aids for Minton date marks which the company produced and more than one short history of the Minton company and family. We fully digitised these documents so you can reference them directly from the website – let’s run through them…

Our newly-digitised records relating to marks include:

  • SD 1705/MS2613 – Minton yearly mark card showing the marks from 1842 – 1942
  • SD 1705/MS675 – copy index to month and year letters of design registration marks from 1842 – 1883
  • SD 1705/MS2748 – list of Minton gilders and their marks, as at 1982
  • SD 1705/MS1458 – Crest book containing marks for use on goods sold elsewhere

… and there are also a number of records specifically related to the Minton mark, or backstamp. These were created by the company as part of its marketing activities, but modern ceramic research has shown that these are not a complete and accurate description of all the marks Minton used:

Our digitised short histories of the Minton family and company include:

  • SD 1705/MS81 – history of Minton: the family, works and ware
  • SD 1705/MS179 – copy history of the firm and family, up to 1924
  • SD 1705/MS4520 – “Minton: 1793-1968” (chapter pages only digitised as this is a very large document)
  • SD 1705/MS4522 – synopsis of the above document

… and from a previous update we’d also add:

  • SD 1705/MS116 – brief particulars of the life of Thomas Minton

As always, the records highlighted here – and in the themed searches – are just a fraction of those present in the full Minton company catalogue, which you can browse online. If you find something of interest why not visit us here at Stoke-on-Trent City Archives and view these wonderful documents for yourself?