Quantity (and Quality)

A recurring theme on the blog so far has been the profusion of material within The Minton Archive. This has never been more apparent than when digitising items from the Art & Design folios – choosing a dozen representative pieces of artwork from folios containing 100, 200 or even 500 items has been an almost impossible task!

That being said, the opportunity to work through some of these folios has been a huge privilege, and the very act of leafing through artwork after artwork reinforces the sheer quantity (and quality!) of material available in the Archive. With that in mind we decided to film what it’s like to browse through a small group of such items – in this case just a portion of a folio which helps make up the 111 items found under SD1705/MS 1701. We’ve sped up the footage considerably from the 5 minutes it took in real time, but we hope it illustrates once again the richness and depth of the Minton company catalogue.