Pairing Up, Remastered

Past entries in our ongoing Pairing Up series have just undergone a refresh which we think makes them well worth revisiting – gone are the static overlays of paired artworks, replaced by interactive frames which allow you to uncover the similarities and differences for yourselves! The wonders of modern technology…

Below you’ll find links to each of the revamped Pairing Up posts (minus Part 3, which didn’t need updating) along with an example of one of the new “remastered” overlays so you can see what all the fuss is about. Simply drag the vertical bar left and right, or click or touch an area of the image, to compare any part of the two designs.

We hope you enjoy these new tweaks to old posts – we’re rather pleased with how they turned out and are looking forward to applying this new trick to a Pairing Up, Part 6… whenever that might appear!

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