Pairing Up, Part 8 – Magnificent Majolica

We’ve been back in the Art & Design folios as of late (these artworks won’t digitise themselves after all!) and, as is so often the case with the Minton Archive, it wasn’t long before we started to spot some familiar-looking designs. Time, then, to use this latest collection of connections to update our Pairing Up series once again…

If you’ve been following our bimonthly Magnificent Majolica series you’ll hopefully recognise the two artworks in our comparoramas (technical term, promise) from previous instalments. In The Judgement of Paris we created a gallery of details for this large majolica dish design; here we’ve overlaid the tracing found in SD 1705/MS1708 with the full artwork from the Majolica Box. The figures and foreground are well matched across these two illustrations but there are still a couple of notable differences: the tall trees present on the left of the original artwork don’t appear in the tracing (even though the more distant group behind them have been included), and the large tree in the centre has either grown an extra limb or been shifted to the left slightly… or maybe a combination of both!

In our Magnificent Majolica: Centres post we “[took] inspiration from our longstanding Pairing Up series” to match up a small centre design and an even smaller tracing sketch pasted alongside; now we’re overlaying that same artwork with a complete tracing – again from SD 1705/MS1708 – in a Pairing Up instalment proper. The two items align very neatly – with some slight differences between the heads of the two figures, it’s interesting to note – but we’re most intrigued as to whether the companion artwork for the right-hand tracing can also be found in the Majolica Box… we’ll have to revisit that folio soon. In any case we’re sure there’ll be more design connections to uncover as we continue to work within the folios – somehow the Minton Archive always sees us right!