Pairing Up, Part 6: The Extra Sheet

Pairing Up is back, and it’s all thanks to the digitisation that recently brought Tile Catalogue SD 1705/MS1367 online. During this work we spotted a number of familiar designs – not just from the Art & Design folios but also from previous instalments of the series too – with one “Extra Sheet” in particular chock full of new connections…

Despite their badly faded appearance the two illustrations for the Natural History series immediately caught our eye as we recognised the style from one of the connections we made in Pairing Up, Part 4: Works in Progress. There we digitally-aligned and overlaid the pencil outlines from SD 1705/MS1827 and the final coloured designs in SD 1705/MS1817; below we’ve chosen to use the blue-tinted versions over the sepia-toned catalogue reproductions as the index describes them as being painted “in Monochrome by hand in Blues”.

Just above these illustrations in the catalogue were another pair of familiar-looking designs, this time for the Fables series. With our Pairing Up muscles now fully limbered up it didn’t take long to find the matching artwork depicting The Lion and the Mouse in SD 1705/MS1826, though to complete the comparison below we did have to head back into the Art & Design folios to digitise The Fox and the Stork too!

Having got our eye in it didn’t take long before we’d picked out even more artwork connections on the Extra Sheet, matching a set of hunting-related designs to artwork in SD 1705/MS1813:

… depictions of Leo, Taurus, Aeries and Sagittarius to SD 1705/MS1819:

… and four designs from a Days of the Week series to SD 1705/MS1821:

And that’s not all! In the next Pairing Up we’ll focus on designs from artists such as H. Stacy Marks, John Moyr Smith and William Wise, the latter being connected to a previous post in the series in a rather unusual manner…