More Mid-century Minton

Last time round we began digitising patterns from one of three mid-20th century folios and, after realising how many of their names corresponded to places, decided to plot them on a map. We half expected to be doing the same to the next folio in the sequence but it turned out that SD 1705/MS1918A would take a horticultural turn instead…

Although there were still a few geo-referenceable patterns to be found in this second folio – more on that in a second – it was the number of patterns named after flowers and plants which really stood out this time round. In the gallery below we’ve brought together all the designs which reference specific plants – we’ve left out the more generic “Wild Rose”-type examples – and included links to their respective Wikipedia entries just in case (like us!) you aren’t immediately familiar with them all. Click on the scientific name in the caption to see the Wiki entry.

Nigella damascena

Silver Wattle
Acacia dealbata



Slender Rush
Juncus tenuis


White Willow
Salix alba

Pink siris
Albizia julibrissin

Mountain Pansy
Viola lutea

Heath speedwell
Veronica officinalis

Artemisia abrotanum

Linnaea borealis




We’ve added seven new place/pattern combinations to our original Mid-century Minton map – Chatsworth, Conway, Kenilworth, Montrose, Portland, Runnymede, and Sherwood – and we’ve also made some tweaks and changes to improve the functionality and stability of the map itself so there should be no more pesky “502: Bad Gateway” errors or greyed-out tiles. You can see the new map below and we’ve updated our original post too.

We’re looking forward to digitising SD 1705/MS1932 next – will it be places, plants… or something else? Stay tuned!