Merry Christmas from The Minton Archive

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the physical sorting and shelving of The Minton Archive, and our work to transfer the Minton company’s paper catalogue into a digital format, allowed us to note down interesting boxes or catalogue numbers as we went along. Whilst the majority were jotted down for use on the website or for the then-upcoming “Welcome Home!” display, I’ll admit that – in my case at least! – some found their way onto the list simply in the hope that I’d have a spare 5 minutes to go into the stores and find something particularly amazing.

There was, then, no way we could add SD 1705/MS2000 – Hildesheimer & Faulkner’s Christmas and New Year Cards Prize Designs – to the catalogue without also eyeing it up for a blog post, especially as our cataloguing deadline was not a million miles away from the festive season.

Leafing through the designs in the portfolio, it’s clear that Christmas card design has changed a lot since the 19th century – where today we might see snowy vistas, holly wreaths and children building a snowman on our more traditional cards, the vast majority of the designs in this volume feature bright flowers, lush green landscapes and children playing in the summer sunshine. Perhaps the designers of these cards were collectively willing winter to be over as soon as possible?!

We’ll see you back here in the New Year – in the meantime, Merry Christmas from The Minton Archive!