Merry Christmas from The Minton Archive

With Christmas only a few days away it’s time for us to sign off until the new year, but not before we have a look back at some of the Minton-related goodness that’s appeared on the site in 2018. And yes, of course there’ll be a Hildesheimer & Faulkner Christmas card in the mix too – we can’t break with tradition can we?!

In September of last year we made Pattern Book No. 1 available to view online via the blog and since then we’ve been working to increase the number of browsable items on the site and to make them easier to find and use too. In 2018 we integrated the interactive viewer into the catalogue (and gave it it’s own tab in the record view) and created a new themed search called Page by Page which brought all 29 – and counting! – records together.

Having trouble viewing the Book Reader above? Try opening it in a new window.

Seven of those special records were brought online through our involvement with The Democratic Dish: Mintons Secessionist Ware, a temporary exhibition at Chelsea Space in London. Along with a selection of digital images for reproduction within the space – a floor-to-ceiling enlargement being the most spectacular! – we also provided four Archive items for display, including a pair of John Wadsworth sketch books. Before they journeyed south we fully digitised these two items, along with another five books from the same group, and later uploaded them to the online catalogue to link in to the continuing exhibition and to celebrate the site’s third “anniversary”.

If you’ve been following us on Twitter over the past 12 months you’ll hopefully have been entertained by the series of #OTD tweets from our newest recruit Louisa. It was great fun to trickle those out through the year but we always endeavour to keep everyone in the loop (Twitterer or not!) and so we also recreated these diary entries as an epic interactive timeline just as they were entering their cliff-hanger phase. Naturally we also took the opportunity to add the original multi-page copy transcript to the list of browsable documents while we were at it 🙂



The site’s In Depth section expanded further thanks to art and architectural historian Johanna Roethe’s excellent article on Minton’s Parian Ware (which featured yet more browsable volumes from the online catalogue) as well as through the regular additions to our Truth, Beauty, Power & Magnificent Majolica series’, which really got into their stride over the course of the year. We also added the ability to explore some of our Folio Friday artworks for yourself with a new zoom feature and got carried away with our Ms in our Mid-century Minton triple bill of maps, Maiden-hair, and myths. (Right, let’s stop here before we catch the alliteration bug all over again!)

Merry Christmas to you all from the Minton Archive – we’ll see you, bright and bushy-tailed, in the new year!