Mapping Mid-century Minton

In general our online catalogue records are relatively succinct, giving a brief but accurate overview of what each MS number represents. Sometimes, however, you’ll find entries where archivist Alyn Giles Jones really went to town, three examples of which reside in the Art & Design section of the catalogue.

SD 1705/MS1918, SD 1705/MS1918A and SD 1705/MS1932 are folios of mid-20th century designs where each corresponding catalogue entry includes an exhaustive list of the named patterns found inside. To help with any future enquiries related to these patterns we made the decision to match this detailed cataloguing with some comprehensive digitisation and got to work scanning the 253 items which make up SD 1705/MS1918… though please note that we won’t be adding all these images to the online catalogue as they would swamp the entry somewhat!

Whilst working through the folio we were struck by how many of the patterns were named after specific places and before long a blog-based-plan had started to form. Ever wanted to see mid-century Minton designs georeferenced against the place names that inspired them? Of course you have!

The map above shows pattern & place matches from SD 1705/MS1918 but our folio digitisation is ongoing so you may see it appear again in the future with a few more markers thrown in for good measure. In the meantime pan, zoom, and click on the markers to explore Great Britain through the prism of mid-century Minton tableware…