Magnificent Majolica: Viewing the Dishes

“Magnificent Majolica” is a bimonthly series where we focus on the opulence and exuberance of the Archive’s majolica designs. Every other month we’ll highlight one or more artworks from our special Art & Design folio as detailed images, galleries, or interactive comparisons. If you’d like to find out more about majolica and why it is synonymous with Minton you can do so through our In Depth introduction to the series.

No-one likes doing the dishes, but viewing the dishes (especially when they’re as magnificent as these), well, that’s another thing entirely. Below you’ll find detailed views of a selection of designs identified as being for dishes in the 1871 Art Catalogue – transcriptions of their individual entries included alongside the artwork.


T [Palissy and Limoges] 37 [Water Colour Drawings, Palissy, 12in. Round Dish]


G [Majolica] 147 [Water Colour Drawing for a round Dish Blue Border with figs and wreath]


G [Majolica] 266 [Water Colour Drawings, Bateman, For small Dishes]

View the source artworks for the highlights above