Magnificent Majolica: The First

It’s time to introduce “Magnificent Majolica”, a new series where we focus on the opulence and exuberance of the Archive’s majolica designs. Every other month we’ll highlight one or more artworks from our special Art & Design folio as detailed images, galleries, or interactive comparisons. If you’d like to find out more about majolica and why it is synonymous with Minton you can do so through our In Depth introduction to the series.

Our series begins with a rather special artwork. Inspired by historical wares it is signed and, we believe, also annotated by Minton artist Thomas Kirkby who identifies it as being the first majolica design produced by Minton.

This is the First Design for Majolica, that was made, and was also executed upon the first Majolica Dish painted and made at Mintons Manufactory

Kirkby’s inscription is particularly important as the significance of this unique artwork is completely absent from the 1871 Art Catalogue. Sharing a line with two other majolica designs G144 is identified simply as one of:

3 Water Colour Drawing designs for round dishes

It’s a description which certainly doesn’t leap off the page and grab you!

View the source artwork for the highlights above