How to Browse the Catalogue

Last year we shared some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your catalogue searches – we hope they were helpful! This time we’d like to highlight a way to show an individual record’s place in the collection and how you can use this different view to quickly and easily browse the catalogue.

By default our online collections platform shows you the details of the particular record you’re viewing, but you can also choose to navigate through the collection by clicking on the “Browse by Hierarchy” tab.

This tab displays the archive collection’s records in a “tree” structure, automatically expanding the “branches” which lead to the record you’re currently viewing (and placing it in bold too). You can click the [+] and [-] check boxes to expand and contract the other sections of the collection – if you click the [+] and the tree doesn’t expand further then you’ve reached the item level record – and you can also click on a record’s title to jump to that record and view its details.

As before, to quickly get back to the “tree” structure from the details view, click on the “Browse by Hierarchy” tab. If your place in the tree isn’t immediately visible – a common occurrence in larger sections of the catalogue – click the “Jump to this document in the hierarchy” link to automatically scroll the page to the correct place in the structure.

To dive straight in to the catalogue you can use the “Browse the catalogue” link on our Explore page, which opens the top-level record for this collection – click on the “Browse by Hierarchy” tab and you’re off! You can also access the hierarchy whenever you are viewing the details of a record and, likewise, you can view the details of any record shown in the structure.