Full Minton Company Catalogue Online!

The online version of the Minton company records catalogue, parts of which we’ve been making available to you here as a ‘work in progress’ over the past few weeks, has been fully uploaded! This means all 5,328 records are now available to browse and search through here on the site. Here are a few tips to get you started…


To search the catalogue, simply type your query into the search bar found in the top right of your screen (on smaller devices you might need to open the menu first). Depending on what you’re looking for, you might also find that the search brings back pages from the site. As our In Depth section grows we’re hoping this approach will give you a useful blend of raw catalogue results and contextual information too.


You can also “browse the catalogue” from the Explore page – this opens G272/1, the section record for the Minton company records. From there you can choose the “Browse by Hierarchy” tab and work down into the catalogue by expanding the sections using the (+) icons. Clicking the text rather than the (+) opens that record. This method of browsing the catalogue also works when you view a record from one of our themed searches. As before, choose the “Browse by Hierarchy” tab and you’ll see that the appropriate sections have been expanded to show you where the record you’re currently viewing sits within the catalogue.

However you engage with the Minton company catalogue here on the site – via our themed searches, your own searches, or through browsing the hierarchy – we hope you enjoy exploring this amazing collection!