Folio Friday – November

Folio Friday is an opportunity for us to share some of the amazing artwork found within The Minton Archive’s folios with you. On the first Friday of every month we pick out a special piece of artwork from the Minton company catalogue’s Art & Design section and highlight it here on the blog. Enjoy!

SD 1705

Like August’s Folio Friday instalment this month’s highlighted illustration comes from the bundle of out-of-sequence Art & Design folio artworks which we’re working to return to their original catalogue locations. Not long after we featured August’s beautiful banner illustration we were able to place it back into SD 1705/MS1378, having recalled seeing other advertising material in the same format and style there previously – a lucky break! In most cases items like the one below – with no class letter, folio number, or annotations to help guide us – are almost impossible to successfully return, necessitating the creation of a new MS number from which they can be easily accessed. We’ll update the catalogue – and the blog! – with details of this new addition once our work is complete.

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