Folio Friday – July

Folio Friday is an opportunity for us to share some of the amazing artwork found within The Minton Archive’s folios with you. On the first Friday of every month we pick out a special piece of artwork from the Minton company catalogue’s Art & Design section and highlight it here on the blog. Also included is the final gallery of highlights from our “Folio Frivolity” Twitter series, which concludes today after six months of daily tweets from the folios!

To mark the occasion we’ve doubled up the Folio Friday portion of our Friday / Frivolity combo, bringing together our chosen artwork highlight with its corresponding shape book photograph, all thanks to the handy annotation on the former. Incredibly(!) keen-eyed visitors to our “Welcome Home!” display, which celebrated The Minton Archive’s return to the city back in 2015, might also recognise shape no. 1719 from a similar photograph book image featured on one of the large display panels – yet another moment of Minton interconnectedness to add to the list!

SD 1705/MS1700

[Class letter CC]. Folio nos. 1, 2 & 3. Cloisonné: prints, drawings, tracings, etc; mostly coloured; 392 items

SD 1705/MS1621

Photographs book; series 941 to 2203; ornamental pieces, tiles, etc.; 1 book, 861 photographs in all

Since we began our Folio Frivolity series at the start of 2021 we’ve shared 292 Art & Design folio details in galleries here and as daily tweets @MintonArchive. Below you’ll find our final round-up of the past fortnight’s Frivolity images along with links back to each Folio Frivolity instalment, including the very first gallery in the series. We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through these artwork highlights as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing them to you!