Folio Friday – January

Folio Friday is an opportunity for us to share some of the amazing artwork found within The Minton Archive’s folios with you. On the first Friday of every month we pick out a special piece of artwork from the Minton company catalogue’s Art & Design section and highlight it here on the blog. Enjoy!

SD 1705/MS1740-MS1741

Class letters G & O. Folio nos. 26 & 73. “Sgraphito O … Majolica G”: drawings, tracings, sketches, etc, of large decorated ornaments, etc; 101 items (many coloured) in all in 2 bundles. (Kirkby, T.) (1856 et al)

10 Water Colour [drawings] | Mr Reuter | Various designs for Vase decoration | from O41 to O50
[SD 1705/MS1234]

We also couldn’t resist picking out shape “Vase 2155” from one of the Archive’s Photograph Books to display below. Often these images show the shape before any decoration has been applied but as this is a sgraffito piece the bulk of the design has already been scratched into the surface – perfect for us to compare!