Folio Friday – February

Folio Friday is an opportunity for us to share some of the amazing artwork found within The Minton Archive’s folios with you, and the series is now four years old! Continuing the tradition we’re returning to the very first featured folio, SD 1705/MS1705, to pick out another wonderful artwork for this extra-special instalment…

To celebrate this latest anniversary we’re not only highlighting the artwork itself but also how it’s linked to other items in other collections. The two handwritten notes found on this item both refer to the “Keramic art of Japan”, a volume that we’re lucky enough to be able to access online via The New York Public Library Digital Collections. In this book you can see colour plates of both the Satsuma and Kaga pieces mentioned in the annotations, the former being a little harder to initially identify with only the two sections of border to guide us!

Digital Collections, The New York Public Library (Image ID 495850)

Digital Collections, The New York Public Library (Image ID 495865)

The annotation found under the “Kaga” design also places the item within the collections of the South Kensington Museum, now known as the Victoria and Albert Museum. By searching the V&A’s online collections we were able to locate the original piece behind both the “Keramic Art of Japan” illustration and our own artwork. Fantastic!

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