Faces from the Folios

During our recent “Anniversary Update” push we chose to digitise a number of illustrations from SD 1705/MS1761, an Art & Design folio full of pencil-drawn portraits by H.W. Foster. Bowled over by the quality of the illustrations we uncovered we were faced with a bit of a conundrum: the size of each design made the digitisation process long and involved, but we really wanted to share more than two or three representative examples with you.

With our 1000 image deadline looming our time-saving solution was to digitise three particularly impressive illustrations in full, then scan the centre portions of a wider selection of designs specifically to showcase here on the blog – a one-off Folio Friday for Faces, if you will! We’ve written about the quantity and quality of material found within The Minton Archive previously and those observations apply here too; the images below represent just a fraction of the 75 beautiful, hand-drawn artworks grouped under this single MS number.