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Through our themed searches, shown in the menu, you’ll find specially highlighted records from the Minton company records catalogue, complete with images from the original records. You can also choose to view any related blog posts and In Depth articles for each of these themes.

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Minton was a long established, family run business and the catalogue contains many family papers, personal correspondence and photographs, as well as historical information tracing the business back to its roots in 1793. These papers provide an often quite personal insight into the company and the family’s everyday lives.

There are valuable insights into the beginnings of the company in the “Brief Particulars of the Life of Thomas Minton” and “Recollections of H. Minton, Esq, by T. Kirby, painter”, and more within a collection of essays by artist John Wadsworth (alongside a draft “Handbook” of design).

Also highlighted in our record search is a copy letter Colin Minton Campbell wrote to his mother giving an eyewitness account of The Great Exhibition of 1851, including the popularity of “Uncle” Herbert and the effort put in to “settle the point as to the super-excellence of any one person”. You’ll also find copy journals written by Louisa Wilmot Campbell (wife of Colin Minton Campbell) and her daughter, Louisa Jessie Campbell, as well as an invitation card to the coming of age celebrations for her son John Fitzherbert Campbell.

We’ve digitised photographs of prominent figures within Minton, the company’s factories and the exhibitions they attended – including a stereoscopic photograph of Minton’s Majolica stand at the International Exhibition of 1862. There’s even a glass plate negative showing backstamps used by Minton up to 1911.

The number of highlighted records in each of our themed searches will be growing over time, so check back to see what else we’ve uncovered from the Minton company records catalogue.