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References to shapes in The Minton Archive are not just found within the various mould, shape and ornament books associated with the production process – they are also drawn by artists, registered with patent offices and collated together in scrapbooks.

Through our highlighted record search you’ll find a folio of artwork by Reginald Haggar (and containing other work in a style possibly attributable to John Wadsworth) which includes both artistic representations of shapes as well as more finalised, production-ready designs – a lettered series of tea cup illustrations and a stackable jug system are two excellent examples of the latter.

Our search also includes a shape “scrapbook” containing a mix of hand-drawn sketches, pencil drawings and printed material; another book annotated as belonging to “Herbert Minton Esq” contains fine pencil drawings of both shapes and patterns.

The number of highlighted records in each of our themed searches will be growing over time, so check back to see what else we’ve uncovered from the Minton company records catalogue.