Through our themed searches, shown in the menu, you’ll find specially highlighted records from the Minton company records catalogue, complete with images from the original records. You can also choose to view any related blog posts and In Depth articles for each of these themes.

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Records concerning the various elements of the production process can be found throughout the Minton company catalogue.

Practical items such as recipe books – for bodies, colours and glazes – are common, and the Archive also includes proofs of delicate bat prints and transfer pulls. There are plans for kilns and ovens, and an entire section is devoted to Minton’s Patent Ovens and their associated cost savings. Photographs of Minton employees show them wedging, casting, saggar making, gilding, printing, modelling, handle-making, and burnishing; images of the factories show the size and make-up of the different production facilities.

Our highlighted record search touches on just a few aspects of the production process. Through it you’ll find one of the aforementioned recipe books, instructing the user on how to make “An Excilent Rose”,  “A Stain for Glass” and how “To Prepare Gold”; you’ll also find examples of transfer pulls featuring crests, tiles, advertising slogans and even wartime signage. We’ve digitised an incredibly delicate bottle kiln sketch annotated by art director Léon Arnoux, along with plans for frit and majolica kilns – the latter to the same design as those at the Campbell Brick & Tile Co. – as well as a circular for Minton’s Patent Ovens which includes a number of testimonials from satisfied users.

The number of highlighted records in each of our themed searches will be growing over time, so check back to see what else we’ve uncovered from the Minton company records catalogue.