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Some of the most prominent artists and designers who were employed by, or worked with, Minton include:

Thomas Allen
Léon Arnoux
John Bell
Alboin Birks
Antonin Boullemier
William Steven Coleman
Walter Crane
J.E. Dean
Christopher Dresser
Herbert Wilson Foster
Reginald Haggar
Christian Henk
Louis Jahn
Thomas Kirkby
Désiré Leroy
Henry Stacy Marks
William Mussill
Augustus Welby Pugin
John Moyr Smith
Louis Solon
Léon Solon
Charles Toft
John Wadsworth
William Wise/Wyse
Albert Wright

The biographical sketch and obituary of Léon Arnoux, reprinted from the Staffordshire Advertiser as a booklet and available as one of our highlighted records, underlines the important part the long-serving Art Director played in the success of Minton in the 19th century. Photographs of Arnoux at his desk can be found alongside those of pâte-sur-pâte artist – and son-in-law – Louis Solon and fellow Frenchman and ceramic artist Anton Boullemier.

We’ve also been able to digitise pages from one of a series of sketchbooks by John Wadsworth, as well as a letter and attached tile design sent by A.W. Pugin to Herbert Minton as the former worked on drawings for tile floors at the Palace of Westminster.

The number of highlighted records in each of our themed searches will be growing over time, so check back to see what else we’ve uncovered from the Minton company records catalogue.