As of December 2015 our work to create an online version of the Minton company records catalogue is complete! This means over 5,000 records are now available to browse and search through here on the website.

Our themed searches, shown in the menu, allow you to browse through some hand-picked highlights from across the Minton Archive collection; they’re the quickest and easiest way to access the online catalogue and often include examples of fully browsable volumes and other special “Interactive” items too! Each theme – The Company, Artwork, Production, etc. – has its own landing page and features a link to the themed search itself and another to any related posts or In Depth articles available on the blog.

If, on the other hand, you’d like to get stuck into the catalogue proper we’d recommend checking out The Catalogue, our guide to navigation, search, and other useful information. If you’re already au fait with the system you can get going even quicker by using the “Browse the catalogue” button below.

The Minton company records are a relatively complete record of the Minton factory. Through these records you can find out about how the factory was managed, how the ware was produced, marketed and sold, and who was employed by the factory and what they did.

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