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Minton Patent Ovens, Part 1: Patents

As part of our ongoing updates we’ve just added a new batch of digitised records to our themed searches, including a large number from the Mintons Patent Ovens section of the catalogue. We were curious to find out more about these special ovens and this portion of the collection is chock-full of information about them, […]

A Tweeted History of Minton (WHoM:17)

It’s (sort of) all sevens this week, as we hit instalment number 17 of our #WadsworthsHistoryofMinton round-up and reach Chapter 7 in the ‘Minton’ manuscript at the same time. Entitled “Mintons, Minton & Co., Minton Hollins” this part of our tweeted history of Minton covers the strained relationship between Colin Minton Campbell and Michael Daintry […]

Couleurs, Essais et Diagrammes

Recently we were tasked with digitising a number of pages from two 19th century recipe books, both in the hand of Art Director Léon Arnoux. Although both are written in French we decided to digitise them both in their entirety and add them to our growing page-by-page themed search anyway – time to brush up […]

Minton Patent Ovens, Part 3: Proof

In our Minton Patent Ovens series we’ve already examined the details of the patent behind the name and taken a closer look at some of the plans and drawings found in the Mintons Patent Ovens section of the catalogue. In this final post it’s time to find out whether the Patent Ovens were a success, […]

Pairing Up, Part 5: Artwork and Process (and a Patent too)

In the first update to our original Pairing Up series we looked at a number of new “Works in Progress” connections, finishing up with an example that proved digital alignment isn’t always possible on the pairings we find, regardless of how small the differences might at first seem. A theme that carries over to our […]