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Minton Patent Ovens, Part 3: Proof

In our Minton Patent Ovens series we’ve already examined the details of the patent behind the name and taken a closer look at some of the plans and drawings found in the Mintons Patent Ovens section of the catalogue. In this final post it’s time to find out whether the Patent Ovens were a success, […]

Minton Patent Ovens, Part 2: Plans

Last week we began our series of posts on the Minton Patent Ovens by concentrating on the patent itself, picking out details from the original specification to help gain a better understanding of what made this new type of oven different to those that had gone before. Detailed explanations do make for rather text-heavy blog […]

Minton Patent Ovens, Part 1: Patents

As part of our ongoing updates we’ve just added a new batch of digitised records to our themed searches, including a large number from the Mintons Patent Ovens section of the catalogue. We were curious to find out more about these special ovens and this portion of the collection is chock-full of information about them, […]