Catalogue Updates: Highlights & Images

It’s been over 18 months since our last catalogue update but today we’re announcing a bumper upload of tweaks, changes, and additions that should hopefully go some way towards getting us back on track after so much general upheaval. Over 100 records have been updated and a whopping 487 images have been added to the online catalogue, most of these within the Art & Design section. In fact, barring a few outliers, we now have representative images for all the records within the Art & Design’s “Lettered Sequence” which stretches from MS1651 all the way to MS1806 (and we’ve already started on “Ornamental Ware”, which will take us up to MS1913!). This influx of artwork imagery means we’re also in the process of changing what’s found under the Artwork themed search – with more and more representative images being made available in the Art & Design section we think it’s time to pare this themed search back to a smaller number of highlights that pick out the very best of the Archive’s artwork. Lastly, we’ve just added a new page to the site, The Catalogue, which explains how to navigate and search the online catalogue. It’s something we’ve covered on the blog multiple times as the site has grown but we thought it would be good to have all the information available in one place. It’ll be linked to in both menus, and on the Explore page too.

We hope you enjoy this latest update – here’s to the next one not taking quite as long to appear!