Catalogue Update: The Book Reader Tab

Our latest update is all about making our fully digitised records easier to find and use. In the catalogue’s record view you’ll now see a “Book Reader” tab whenever a browsable document is present – no more scrolling required!

25/09/2019 Update: we’ve now renamed this tab “Interactive” in order to incorporate new ways of exploring items the collection. However, fully browsable items will always display the “page-by-page” keyword in the record view.

We’ve also created a new themed search called Page by Page which brings all of these special records together. We’re hoping our latest addition to that list will be a rather useful one too – we’ve mentioned the 1871 Art Catalogue many times on the blog and now you can browse it, page by page (see what we did there?), online.

When you search the catalogue you might also see “Page-by-page” listed as a subject under the “Narrow Your Search” sidebar – whenever it appears you can use it to filter your results down to fully digitised records only.