Browse a Minton Tile Catalogue

We’ve touched on Minton as a tile manufacturer in a previous blog post where we explained that we don’t hold as much tile-related material as you might think, and why. What we do have, however, is referenced quite regularly and so we thought we’d use our new browsable volume feature to bring one of our oft-consulted items online.

SD 1705/MS1367 is one of a small group of tile catalogues in the Archive and has become a useful tool when answering some of our tile-related enquiries as it contains a wide variety of examples for use on walls, as slabs, and in hearths and fireplaces. As a bound volume it wasn’t quite as straightforward to digitise as the early Pattern Books but we persevered, spotting enough familiar-looking designs along the way to make us wonder if it’s time for a new instalment of our ongoing Pairing Up series – stay tuned for that. In the meantime you can view the volume in its entirety below or hit the fullscreen button to get a bigger view, zoom controls and more layout options. Enjoy!

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