AU3: The Exhibitions Estimate Books

Our extended Anniversary Update celebrations, which began in September and appeared again in October, continue today with the announcement that you can now view fully-browsable versions of the Archive’s “Exhibitions Estimate Books”, a series of six volumes* covering some of the major International Exhibitions of the 19th century!

The Minton Archive’s main Estimate Books section contains 108 volumes and within their pages you’ll generally find evidence of costs and retail pricing as well as basic shape and pattern information, making them a useful and important part of the collection. What makes a series like the Exhibitions Estimate Books particularly interesting is that it allows us to see that information in the context of each International Exhibition, something we’ve touched on previously on the blog when writing about the gaseliers and other pieces of magnificent majolica displayed there.

Whilst we hope you’ll forgive us for not being able to digitise all 108 volumes(!) we think the Exhibitions Estimate Books make for a great way to showcase the larger Estimate Book collection. Below you’ll find an embedded version of SD 1705/MS1466, the estimate book for Paris’s “Exposition Universelle” of 1855, but you can also find each of these new browsable volumes via their individual catalogue record. Click the link below to open the catalogue entry for the Exhibitions Estimate Book series, then choose the “Browse by Hierarchy” tab to see the list of records available. Of course, all our browsable volumes can be found via the site’s Page-by-Page themed search as well. Enjoy!

London, Paris, Vienna: The Exhibitions Estimate Books

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* Technically the Archive’s Exhibitions Estimate Books section actually contains 7 records, the last being a pâte-sur-pâte volume. As this didn’t quite fit in with the running series of Internation Exhibitions volumes we’ve left it out for now but we will be digitising it and adding it to the online catalogue at a later date.