AU2: The Kensington Studio Volume

Last month we celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Minton Archive website with a slightly different type of Anniversary Update, it being the first of what we hoped would be a number of smaller but important updates to the website and online catalogue to be published on the run up to our usual Christmas break. Now, here’s the second…

Back in 2017 we wrote about SD 1705/MS1910, a fairly standard-looking entry which in fact describes a rather important volume related to Minton’s Art Pottery Studio. In that blog post we highlighted some of the remarkable artworks found inside and even hinted that we might one day turn it into a fully-browsable item. Finally, three years later, we’re releasing it as an Anniversary Update… better late than never!

Zoom in and out with your mouse’s scroll wheel or by using the on-screen controls. Click and drag the image to move it around. On touch-enabled devices drag the image with your finger and pinch to zoom.

Although we most commonly make volumes available using our “Page by Page” Book Reader this particular example, with its detailed drawings and predominently landscape orientation, is much better suited to the zoomable viewer we used in last year’s Anniversary Update and which we sometimes deploy for the odd Folio Friday. In this instance the volume is laid out as a grid of pages in a left-to-right, top-to-bottom, order.

As well as being able to view this wonderful volume here on the blog we’ve also updated the online catalogue entry for SD 1705/MS1910, where you’ll find the same experience available under the record’s “Interactive” tab.