Another Azeglio Artwork Appears

Last month we concluded our long-running Magnificent Majolica series with a post highlighting one of two copy artworks depicting “the Azeglio Vase“. Until today only one of these beautiful watercolour drawings was to be found within the Majolica Box but now “G51” and “G52” sit alongside each other in this important Art & Design folio.

In a previous Folio Friday instalment we mentioned our ongoing work to return, wherever possible, out-of-sequence Art & Design folio work to their original catalogue locations and, less than a month after our Azeglio Vase post, we happened upon a very familiar design in one of these artwork bundles. Checking the annotated “G” (for Majolica) number we realised that this was the alternative view of the Azeglio Vase as noted in the 1871 Art Catalogue.

Though we believe this artwork may have originally been part of SD 1705/MS1741 we decided it would be best to place it into SD 1705/MS6001 – otherwise known as the Majolica Box – alongside its twin so that the two designs could be viewed together. As the home of many of the most elaborate majolica illustrations it’s the most appropriate location for these two items, and though an alternative would have been to place both into SD 1705/MS1741 instead we felt that doing so would have disturbed the order of the Majolica Box as it was when the Archive arrived here.

However, having highlighted the previous Azeglio Vase artwork we couldn’t just slip its counterpart into the Majolica Box and move on, so below you’ll find a zoomable interactive of the as-yet-unseen second artwork to explore. We’ve also updated the Majolica Box’s catalogue entry and made a list of all the class letter items found within it live (including “G51” and “G52”!) so it’s now possible to cross-reference against the fully-digitised 1871 Art Catalogue.

Zoom in and out with your mouse’s scroll wheel or by using the on-screen controls. Click and drag the image to move it around. On touch-enabled devices drag the image with your finger and pinch to zoom.