Anniversary Update: Browse Volumes!

On the 25th September 2015 we officially launched The Minton Archive website and, one year later, celebrated the site’s first anniversary with a special update which pushed the number of images in the online catalogue past 1000. Our second anniversary update takes these catalogue enhancements a step further – starting today we’ll be making a number of special volumes available online in their entirety. (We’re really rather excited about this…)

27/9/2017 Update: We’ve tweaked the viewer for mobile and tablet users, and added a “full screen” button which better utilises your screen real estate for bigger, better pattern book viewing. Thanks for all the feedback so far!

Thanks to Jess Hyslop’s work on The Minton Archive’s one-year conservation project we were able to digitise all four early pattern books and a selection of shape and ornament books in their disbound state. We couldn’t just squirrel these wonderful images away for safekeeping however, and so we’ve been working to make these volumes fully accessible through the website. Just in time for our anniversary celebrations we think we’ve cracked it…

Today we’re releasing Pattern Book No.1 into the wild but, all being well, more browsable volumes will be added to the site over the next few weeks. We’re also working to embed this viewer into the online catalogue so if a volume has been fully digitised you’ll see it right there in the record. There may be tweaks and changes along the way – not to mention a few hiccups perhaps! – but we’re very pleased to be able to share this special pattern book with you. Keep your eyes on the blog (or Twitter) for more updates but in the meantime… get browsing!

Having trouble viewing the Book Reader above? Try opening it in a new window.