Anniversary Update: A Tweeted Timeline

Five years ago today we launched the Minton Archive website and, as has become tradition, we’re celebrating with a special update… albeit with a twist. Having been “socially distanced” from the collection for so much of the year our original plans for this special half-decade milestone are somewhat in tatters; in their place we’ve decided to work towards releasing smaller – but just as important – updates between now and our usual end-of-year break…

Each previous September 25th has brought with it an update to the online catalogue – a 975% increase in images; the ability to browse volumes; a fully-digitised series of John Wadsworth sketch books; the Christopher Dresser folio in hi-res detail – but this time round we couldn’t ignore the wonderful coincidence that saw our long-running tweeted-history of the Minton company draw to a close on the same day as our website’s anniversary.

Over the past 175 days we’ve been tweeting information and extracts from Philip & Zillah Wadsworth’s ‘Minton’ manuscript (SD 1705/MS4520), a “monumental work” containing – amongst other things – many important dates in the life of the firm. It’s from those dates that we’ve built the following interactive timeline of the Minton company, published today as the first of a number Anniversary Updates we hope to bring to you between now and Christmas. (Ongoing health emergency notwithstanding of course!)

View a fullscreen version of the timeline (opens in a new window)

It may not be the same type of catalogue-based update as in previous instalments but we hope you enjoy exploring the timeline all the same. You can use the < & > navigation buttons to scroll backwards and forwards through the timeline, or drag and zoom the timeline overview to skip to a particular period in time. If you get lost – there are rather a lot of dates! – you can hit the arrow in the bottom left of the timeline to return to the beginning.

Just like our tweeted-history the timeline has been created from a single source which itself was selectively edited and adapted into tweetable snippets, so do please bear that in mind. That being said we did add a couple of dates from our previous tile company timeline into this one to help place that period into its wider context.