A Tweeted History of Minton (WHoM:1)

It’s not every day you commit to breaking the history of Minton down into a series of easy-to-follow bitesize chunks, but last week that’s exactly what we did over on our @MintonArchive Twitter account. This isn’t a Twitter exclusive though: you can follow the thread here on the blog too (because not everyone is into the socials, and that’s OK!).

Our source material for this task is SD 1705/MS4520: Minton, by Philip and Zillah Wadsworth. This incredible manuscript charts the company’s history from the birth of its founder, Thomas Minton, to 1968 when Minton merged with Royal Doulton. Alyn Giles Jones, the Minton Archive’s original cataloguer, wrote in its entry:

This is a monumental work, the result of exhaustive research by the authors, here in the U.K. and in France. The whole is enhanced and enriched by a wealth of oral tradition (traceable to, among others, Philip’s father John W.Wadsworth) and Philip’s own technical expertise and appreciation of Minton wares, and of the people who designed and made them.

This current period of social distancing & self-isolation seems the perfect time to properly get to grips with the company’s history, though as our #WadsworthsHistoryofMinton hashtag hopefully makes clear we recognise that we’re using a single source as the basis for this. However, it’s such a wonderfully written account that we really wanted to share it with you all – and we think a Minton mega-thread is a fun way to do it!

Each week we’ll bring together the previous week’s tweets into a single blog post – as we point out in our very first tweet we have no idea how long this might take but that’s part of the beauty of it… so let’s crack on 🙂