A Bit of Folio Frivolity

Before the current health emergency began to unfold we were hoping to celebrate the website’s fifth anniversary with an update that would’ve added representative images to all 349 records in the Archive’s Art & Design folio section. The UK’s first lockdown put paid to that schedule and so we decided to aim for the (equally apt) fifth anniversary of Folio Friday instead, but with that deadline now looming we’re still some way off our goal.

Glass-half-full time though. Despite being “socially distanced” from the collection for much of last year we were still able to bring a key Art & Design item online and make more browsable volumes available too. Work of that nature will continue – slowly! – in 2021 but in the meantime we wanted to highlight some of the many wonderful items that have already been imaged during this seemingly never-ending folio digitisation project! Enter Folio Frivolity, our plan to showcase all kinds of interesting material from the Art & Design folios – on a daily basis.

As with last year’s #WadsworthsHistoryofMinton we’ll be using @MintonArchive to post out these mini highlights but, just like our epic 25-part “WHoM” series, we’ll also be rounding things up here for those of you not on Twitter. Expect updates roughly every two weeks: that’ll allow us to tie every other instalment in with that other Folio-based blog series we produce and provide you with the fullest, most bountiful blog posts in between! 🙂