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Pairing Up, Part 8 – Magnificent Majolica

We’ve been back in the Art & Design folios as of late (these artworks won’t digitise themselves after all!) and, as is so often the case with the Minton Archive, it wasn’t long before we started to spot some familiar-looking designs. Time, then, to use this latest collection of connections to update our Pairing Up […]

Pairing Up, Part 7: Smith, Marks, & Wise

Last time round we picked out a number of designs from the “Extra Sheet” of Tile Catalogue SD 1705/MS1367 and it’s from that page that we begin our matchmaking adventure today. This time round, however, we’re concentrating on the work of named artists – resident or freelance – who’s designs appear throughout the volume.

Pairing Up, Part 6: The Extra Sheet

Pairing Up is back, and it’s all thanks to the digitisation that recently brought Tile Catalogue SD 1705/MS1367 online. During this work we spotted a number of familiar designs – not just from the Art & Design folios but also from previous instalments of the series too – with one “Extra Sheet” in particular chock […]

Pairing Up, Remastered

Past entries in our ongoing Pairing Up series have just undergone a refresh which we think makes them well worth revisiting – gone are the static overlays of paired artworks, replaced by interactive frames which allow you to uncover the similarities and differences for yourselves! The wonders of modern technology…

Pairing Up, Part 5: Artwork and Process (and a Patent too)

In the first update to our original Pairing Up series we looked at a number of new “Works in Progress” connections, finishing up with an example that proved digital alignment isn’t always possible on the pairings we find, regardless of how small the differences might at first seem. A theme that carries over to our […]

Pairing Up, Part 4: Works in Progress

Part 4? Yes! Just like our Hizen Vase post a few weeks ago we’re jumping back into an old series to update you with our latest discoveries from within the Archive. Since we published our first three Pairing Up posts back in April (Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3) we’ve stumbled across even more connections between artworks and, […]

Pairing Up, Part 3: Possibilities

In the first two parts of our “pairing up” series we’ve been quite definite about how each item is connected to the other; it’s quite easy to be that way when we can show tracings neatly overlaying artworks! The longer you spend within Minton’s Art & Design folios however, the more you start to see […]

Pairing Up, Part 2: Works in Progress

In the first of our three part series on “pairing up” we looked at original artworks found within the Art & Design folios and their matching transfer pulls located elsewhere in the collection – a snapshot of those designs as they moved through the production process. For our second post we wanted to explore this […]

Pairing Up, Part 1: Inspiration, Artwork, and Process

Having a good memory is of great benefit when navigating Minton’s Art & Design folios – many times we’ve come across pieces of artwork that are visually very similar to other material we’ve seen before. Often it’s a case of skipping back through the current folio to find that matching pencil sketch or series of […]