[Class letter T]. Folio number 77. Palissy and Limoges: drawings, tracings, prints, etc. On 06/04/2017 during Conservation work Class letter K items were also found in SD 1705/MS1808 (this folio) and were thought to be there in error. Checking of the catalogue was completed and it was found that all the other Class letter K items are volumes apart from the contents of SD 1705/MS1783. As this is the case it was decided that the K numbers in SD 1705/MS1808 (this folio) should be united in SD 1705/MS1783 as this is probably their original order/position at the the time of cataloguing. The items moved from SD 1705/MS1808 (this folio) to SD 1705/MS1783 are: K119, K170, K171, K172, K173, K175, K176, K178, K179, K182, K183, K184, K185, K186, K187, K189, K190, K191, K192, K193, K194, K231, K234, K237, K246, K258, K260, K262, K263, K282. Addition made to this catalogue by Archive Staff on 11.08.2017: Stored in 2 folders: MS1808a MS1808b The split is based purely on physical size and is not evidence of any interpretation on our part. The original portfolio has been retained pending full elucidation of the dating sequence of the design storage. The portfolio preserves evidence of several previous arrangements.