Catalogue Updates: Browsable Volumes

You wait for one catalogue update and then two come along at once! This time we’re pleased to report that the browsable volumes we unveiled on our second anniversary, along with the others we’ve posted about since then, are now directly accessible from within the online catalogue.

From now on whenever you view the record of a volume that’s been fully digitised you’ll find our interactive viewer embedded alongside the rest of the information. On the record page itself you can flip through the pages of the volume but it’s also possible to access a more detailed viewer – with zoom controls, more layout options and even ways to share the pages you’re viewing – by clicking on the fullscreen button.

There are 8 volumes in the collection that you can browse in their entirety but we hope to add more in the future. In the meantime you can find quick links to our newly-spruced up records below – time to get browsing!

SD 1705/MS115
Recollections of H. Minton, Esq.

SD 1705/MS1367
Minton Tile Catalogue

SD 1705/MS1752
Series HH85: Heads

SD 1705/MS2287
Minton Pattern Book No. 1

SD 1705/MS2289
Minton Pattern Book No. 2

SD 1705/MS2290
Minton Pattern Book No. 3

SD 1705/MS2291
Minton Pattern Book No. 4

SD 1705/MS5040
Minton: English Bone China