In Depth: Preface

The text below forms part of the preface of Minton: The First Two Hundred Years of Design and Production by Joan Jones [ISBN-10: 1 85310 283 0]. Our thanks to Stuart Lyons CBE for his kind permission to reproduce his work here as the introductory piece to our “In Depth” series.
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Full Minton Company Catalogue Online!

The online version of the Minton company records catalogue, parts of which we’ve been making available to you here as a ‘work in progress’ over the past few weeks, has been fully uploaded! This means all 5,328 records are now available to browse and search through here on the site. Here are a few tips to get you started…
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Displaying The Minton Archive

There are close to 5,500 Minton company records in The Minton Archive, but even a number that large doesn’t necessarily reflect the true size of the archive. The Minton Archive Art and Design section of the paper catalogue, for example, comprises 349 catalogue records yet contains over 30,000 individual items. So, how do you go about trying to represent an archive of this size in two moderately sized display cases?
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Welcome to The Minton Archive website

Welcome to The Minton Archive website, where we’re hoping to give you a first glimpse into the records of the Minton company.

We’ll be expanding the blog very shortly, but for a first post we thought it would be good to introduce the site, pointing out what you can see and do (and maybe hinting about what’s coming in the future).

If you’d like to find out a little bit more about The Minton Archive as a whole, as well as why we’re initially concentrating on the Minton company records, head on over to the About page. If you want to dive straight in to our online records make your way to the Explore page, where you can view highlighted records through a series of themes. Over the next few months you should see more records appear in each of these themes.

You might also notice that each of these highlighted records sit in a heirarchy – that’s because we’re working hard to place the Minton company records (containing over 5,000 entries!) online for you to browse. At the moment you can “step off the path” by clicking on other records in the heirarchy view, and we’ll be creating more ways to interact with the full catalogue as the number of records increases.

Finally, we’re hoping to encourage people to study, enjoy and contribute to the World of Minton Scholarship via the In Depth page. We’ll announce more about this page on the blog in the near future.

We hope you enjoy the site and we look forward to bringing you more ways to view and interact with The Minton Archive very soon.